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Awasome Definition Chais References. The product obtained from the process of steeping. One with two wheels designed for two passengers

Chai Meaning of Chai, What does Chai mean?
Chai Meaning of Chai, What does Chai mean? from

Information and translations of chais in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion. Chai definition, a shed or other aboveground building where a winemaker stores wine in casks.

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A pot with hot water made with the powder of a certain. Definition of chais in the dictionary. Noun chais a drink of tea made with cardamom and various other spices, milk, and a sweetener.

Chais Definition From Language, Idioms & Slang Dictionaries & Glossaries.

Collins english dictionary [home, info] chai's, chais: General (7 matching dictionaries) chais: Chasis synonyms, chasis pronunciation, chasis translation, english dictionary definition of chasis.

Steeping A Substance In Hot Or Cold Water In Order To Obtain Its Active Principle.

See all 4 definitions of chais. A total lack of organization or order. Chais is not a valid words with friends word!

Plural Of Chai M (“ Teas ”) Etymology 3 Alternative Forms.

Haitian center for animation and social intervention; What does the word chais mean? Plural of chai m (“ wine cellars ”) etymology 2 noun.

Any Liquid Substance (Other Than Blood) Introduced Into The Body For Therapeutic Purposes.

Retrouvez la définition de chai, chais, ainsi que les homonymes, expressions, difficultés. Governance is expensive and needs support in order to be nurtured and to flourish. One with two wheels designed for two passengers

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